"Finiche! Only a fadograph of a yestern scene."

— James Joyce: Finnegan's Wake, 7.

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A 21st century genever
produced in ridiculously small batches.

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About Fadograph

This may be one of the best times in history to walk into a bar. A new category of watering holes has started to appear around the world. They focus on personal service and use excellent spirits to create new takes on classic cocktail recipes. Old cocktail books are republished, excellent new ones are being written. Bartenders travel the globe and gain inspiration from each other online. I was just a patron at the other side of the bar. But I wanted to become an accomplice in this golden age of cocktails. Motivated by some of my favorite bartenders around the world, I decided to create a high quality spirit for them. It became a genever called Fadograph.

— Camiel

The Recipe

Fadograph is developed to work fantastic in G&T's and classic gin cocktails. However, it is unmistakably a genever: it contains malt wine, has an alcohol content of 40%, contains juniper berry spirit and is produced and bottled in the Netherlands. Fadograph is produced at Wynand Fockink, a distillery in the heart of Amsterdam, that first opened its doors in 1679.

Whereas English gins usually contain a bouquet of various botanicals, Fadograph consists of only a few ingredients, which are distilled separately and then blended into balance. This way, the flavours of the malt wine, juniper berry and bergamot peel each retain their character. Both when tasted neatly, as well as in an ice cold cocktail.

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